SpectraFusion Mobile

SpectraFusion Mobile

We have been working in the field of high volume production photographic services for a very long time, including the school field.

A specific need in this area is the pairing of information from the photographed subject and his image files. This enables the production of renowned identity cards, school directories, photo CDs, etc., etc. Imagination is limitless.

To achieve this involves the use of data bases, which have always been problematic

A solution was long overdue.

Well, once again your patience is rewarded, because we are proud to offer our customers for free:
SpectraFusion Mobile™.

Logiciel SpectraFusion Mobile

SpectraFusion Mobile™ software

What is SpectraFusion Mobile™?

SpectraFusion Mobile™ is an invention of our imagination. Patent pending #US 62 / 496,246.

It is a method, accompanied by SpectraFusion Mobile™ software, which, used in conjunction with any cameras, will match the subject's information to their image files.

It is currently compatible with iPhone ™, iPod ™ and iPad ™ mobile devices.

Cliquez sur le bouton “1..2..3.. Cliquez” du logiciel en même temps que vous prenez la photographie du panneau de synchronisation.


Click on the “1..2..3 .. Click” button of the software at the same time as you take the picture of the synchronization panel.


Super simple!

SpectraFusion Mobile™ offers two pairing methods: With or Without barcode reading.

Before the exposure session, the synchronization of SpectraFusion Mobile™ with your camera is carried out.

During the exposure session and depending on the pairing method chosen, a photograph of the barcode or a search for the subject is made with SpectraFusion Mobile ™ and then, with your camera, this subject is taken. This procedure is repeated throughout the shooting.

After the exposure session, all you have to do is send us the data base created by SpectraFusion Mobile™ along with the image files from your camera.

Awesome isn't it?

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Efficiency is important.


Explanatory video


See SpectraFusion Mobile™ in action with the barcode scanning method.