Produits promotionnels

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Promotional products

These personalized photo gift ideas and more add to our school photo lab in a beautiful way.

Having been chosen with care, we believe they will meet the expectations of the vast majority of your customers. We are very proud of it and hope you will reap many benefits from it.

The products may differ from the images or descriptions accompanying them. Although we are keen to respect the prices shown in this document, we reserve the right to change them at any time.

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Produits promotionnels



Quality presentation thanks to its plastic cover. Its spirals will stand the test of time. Spread over 14 months: November and December of the year that ends plus the 12 months of the new year. Your graphic can be used.

Two days per page for the week. Three days per page for the weekend. Space provided to enter your information and personal notes. Graphics of the months of the previous year, the current year as well as the following year are represented there. 5.5 '' X 8.5 '' format.

Aide mémoire

Magnetic cheat sheet

Laminated to preserve longevity. Approximately 7 "x 9" in size.

Bonhomme de neige


Your Christmas decorations will be more personalized than ever.

5.5 '' overall diameter. 2.25 '' photos.

The photograph appears on the front and back.

Boule de Noël en céramique

Ceramic Christmas bauble

It looks like real Christmas balls made of glass while being more resistant to shock. It is still breakable.

A pretty print decorates the back.

Approximately 2.5 '' in diameter.

Bouteille métallique

Metallic bottle

Being made of metal, it is very strong and resistant. It is offered to you with a nice harmonized graphic. Contains 600 ml.

Cadre acrylique

Acrylic frame

Form 2 pieces of 2 "x 3" acrylic held together by two tiny pairs of magnets.

Two photographs, back to back, allow you to appreciate both sides.

Like any other photograph, it is important not to place them in direct contact with sunlight.

Cadre aimanté polyvalent

Versatile magnetic frame

This small 2 "X 3" frame is very versatile thanks to these two small brackets and its magnet. Thus, allowing it to adopt a vertical or horizontal position or to adhere to a metal surface.

The magnet does not adhere to, among other things, aluminum and certain types of stainless steel. You have to experiment.

Cahier d'écriture

Spiral notebook (Canada notebook)

Going to school becomes fun with this notebook. Laminated cover and 50 lined sheets.

It is punched with three holes to fit in a satchel. Several designs are available to you.

Calendrier aimanté 15 mois

Magnetic calendar 15 months

Each 8.5 "x 11" page has a different theme to match the month. The same photograph of the person is repeated every month. The large boxes allow you to enter your personal notes. A magnetic strip on the back makes it grip certain metal surfaces.


Brain teaser

Two formats are available.
They are delivered on a slightly sticky cardboard to hold the parts in place and all in a plastic bag. Available sizes: 5 ”x 7” of 40 pieces or 8 ”x 10” of 60 pieces

Flocon de neige


Your Christmas decorations will be more personalized than ever.
The photograph appears on the front and back.

Globe enneigé

Snowy globe

The globes that we turn and turn are often a part of our childhood memories. The perfect accessory for any holiday decor!

The photographs are back to back.

Two basic colors are available: black or silver

Globe diameter: 3.25 in.

Gobellet métallique

Metal cup

This pretty and very sturdy galvanized metal tumbler has a 16 oz capacity. It has a cover designed to prevent splashing.



With its 2x3.5 ”double-sided printing and nylon clip, it is the perfect tool to identify people or objects that belong to them.

Certain information (such as first name, last name, class) can be added to it.

Jeu de cartes

Card game

The product you've been waiting for! Your patience has been rewarded because the graphics are original and its manufacturing is of quality to last.

Jolis cadres

Nice frames

Nice range of frames designed and produced in Quebec that will accompany your masterpieces superbly. Thanks to the wall or table model, in the colors black, white or espresso, and in the dimensions 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14, they will surely meet the vast majority of your customers' requests.

Journal intime

Personal diary

Comprising 80 pages of approximately 5.75 "by 8.75". They are printed with four pretty different graphic patterns.

Laminated hard cover, different for boys and girls, ensures longevity. Delicate, but solid padlocked fastener to preserve the privacy of the writings.



They are not afraid of liquids thanks to their two plasticized surfaces. Available in a size of 11 "x 16.5". The graphic model may be different from the one shown in the photo.


Bottle opener

Ideal when traveling or camping, it will undoubtedly be able to help you out. Made of very resistant plastic and metal.

Photos magnétiques

Magnetic photos

Adheres to all suitable metal surfaces. Does not work, among others, on aluminum and stainless steel.
You have to experiment. Available sizes: 3.5 ”x 5”, 5 ”x 7” or 8 ”x 10”.


Luxurious keyring

It will meet the demands of your most demanding customers. Its brushed metal will blend perfectly with the beauty of your photographs.

Porte-clés style mousqueton

Carabiner style key ring

Available in two colors: Red and Blue. A small lamp is present there. Photograph of 2 ”x 2 7/8”.
Do not use it for rock climbing.

Porte-clés Prestige

Prestige key ring

Its name says it, it is really prestigious for its quality.

Its brushed metallic design gives it an allure of finesse.

A small door opens to display the photograph as well as a mirror.

Porte-clés transparent

Transparent key ring

Photograph of 32 mm by 46 mm.



Very good quality transparent plastic material. 25 cm long. Metric measurement only. Photograph of 32 mm x 46 mm.

Rondelle de hockey

Hockey ring

Finally a trophy which will be an added value to sports sets and cards.

The photograph is laminated and glued onto a real washer using a permanent product.

Présentoir pour rondelle de hockey

Display for hockey puck. Model 1

It consists of two acrylic pieces that fit together to form the display.

Présentoir pour rondelle de hockey

Display for hockey puck. Model 2

Display for hockey puck. Model 2 With this display, your hockey puck takes all its value in addition to offering it protection for many years. Make in acrylic the dimensions of which are 3.5x3.5x3.5 in.

Présentoir pour rondelle de hockey

Display for hockey puck. Model 3

Transform your hockey puck into a real trophy thanks to this plastic protection mounted on a black base, very solid 3x3x.75 in.

Sac écologique

Ecological bag

Made of white polyester and black straps. Dimension 16.5 ”x 16.5”.

Signets aimantés

Magnetic bookmarks

Laminated to ensure longevity. They will be securely held in place thanks to the two magnets that complete them.

Size 1.75 in x 2.5 in, they are delivered in a packet of 4 bookmarks.



Made of chipboard with a cork base to protect surfaces. The image is coated with synthetic resin to provide very high resistance to scratches and liquids. Format of 4 ”by 4”.



Very comfortable thanks to its rubberized grip. A standard refile is used.

Journal intime

Stock market support

Robust and practical, but at the same time pretty and distinguished, this support will be the joy of your customers. Swivels on itself for easy storage in the purse.

Tablette à dessin

Drawing or "Scrapbooking" tablet

Hours of pure pleasure with this drawing tablet.

Laminated cover and 50 blank sheets in 8.5 ”format. X 11 in.

Tablette agenda de 15 mois

15-month diary tablet

Laminated resistant cover. It contains 15 pages of 4 "X 5.5" each representing a different month: October, November and December of the year that ends plus the 12 months of the new year. A reserved space allows you to enter some notes.

Tablettes mémo

Memo tablets

These products are available in three different sizes containing 50 pages each.
Available in 3.5 "x 5", 3.5 "x 8.5", and 5.5 "x 8.5".

Porte-clefs prestige

Spiral tablet

Laminated resistant cover. Its spirals make it pleasant and practical to use. Contains 50 pages of 2.5 "X 4", double-sided ruled.

Tapis de souris


Made of heavy-duty fabrics mounted on a rubberized and spongy 1/4 inch base. Dimension of 7.75 ”x 9”.



3 ”diameter ceramic mug. 11 oz capacity. Although it is a very high resistance, it is best to wash it by hand.

Sac Cadeaux

Gift bags

They are available in two sizes: 5 "x 7" x 3 "and 1" x 8 "x 4", and come with assembly instructions. Available in the same themes as our calendars.